Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Clicking for Content

This morning at a staff meeting, ACC employees heard that 800 people clicked on the blog page link yesterday, presumably because it was mentioned in an all-member email. Like everything we do at ACC, the blog page was created to make it easier for you to find information to make it easier to do your job.

While it is easy to put up a page and get folks to click, it is harder to provide content that someone will actually want to read, and think about once they get here.

ACC did not add this new blog service to be cool (probably why we waited till it was way past cool to have one), but rather as part of a new initiative to build better online communities for our members.

In the coming months you will see more attempts towards this goal- new combinations of listserv/discussion groups, better navigation tools for the website, and more online networking opportunities.

Will it all work? That depends on whether you use it, which is going to depend on how useful it is for you to stop by. Since I have the distinction of being the staff member who gets yelled at if we do not provide useful services, let me know what you want to see here.

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