Thursday, May 18, 2006


After many hours in a plane, home from Athens late last night. At the conference, I talked with in-house counsel from all over the place. Mostly Europe, but even some attendees from as far as Nigeria. Some of the folks worked for multi-national companies. Some worked for US based companies, but many worked for purely European companies. No matter where from, the conversations ended up very similar. We would talk about work a bit, and realize that the legal challenges were the same no matter what legal system we were talking about. More striking was that, especially after a glass of wine, we talked about career issues. These issues were universal- job satisfaction, networking, how to advance, downsizing at companies. ACC offers resources on all of these topics, and provides opportunities to network and learn about things that can give us all more control over our careers. It was nice to hear that these resources and opportunities work all over the world.

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