Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York Moves on MJP Rules

The New York State Bar Association House of Delegates proposed important amendments to the rules of professional conduct in New York, and specifically proposed a new Rule 5.5, which was formerly the state's Unauthorized Practice of Law rule, but would be amended to include new multijurisdictional practice (MJP) reforms. New York's proposed Rule 5.5 would permit a lawyer who is not admitted in New York the ability to provide legal services “on a temporary basis” if their services “arise out of or are reasonably related to the lawyer’s practice” in a lawyer’s home jurisdiction. See the full article on this development.

In completely unrelated, but welcome news to all you Zamboni drivers out there, a Superior Court judge has ruled that:

a) Zamboni machines are not motor vehicles
b) therefore, an inebriated Zamboni driver cannot be convicted of drunk driving

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