Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adding Value by Mitigating Risk with VDRs in Upcoming Webcast

Adding Value by Mitigating Risk with VDRs in Upcoming Webcast

Recent surveys conducted by the ACC and a variety of other organizations reflect an increased concern among corporate counsel of risks associated with:

• Compliance with government regulations
• Records management and e-discovery
• Information security and privacy

There are a number of ways to decrease risk associated with all of the above, particularly a robust document management program. However, organizations need to assess and document their current methods before they can take steps to improve processes.

This can be challenging. One Fortune 500 energy company recognized compliance with federal, state and local regulatory agencies was critical to their success, as non-compliance can result in significant fines, penalties and reputation damage. They were faced internally with disorganized information across several operations and in various mediums, making it difficult to gather and share information with auditors and demonstrate compliance to regulatory agencies.

Their solution was to establish a secure online workspace where important compliance documents requested by regulatory agencies could be assembled, organized and managed to consistently expedite regulatory audits. They found this to be a quick, painless, no-hassle response to audits and compliance requests, reduced security risk, and intelligence to assist with future audits

In an upcoming webcast from IntraLinks and the ACC, in-house legal experts--Robert Roach, University Compliance Officer at New York University and Secretary for the Compliance and Ethics Committee of the ACC, and Kimberly White, director of Business Ethics & Senior Corporate Counsel Underwriters Laboratories Inc--will share their best practices as they discuss how to protect and add value by mitigating risk, as well as discuss how compliance officers and others view risk management; how to proactively manage compliance and associated risks; and specific principles and guidelines as a framework for analyzing risk.

Register now for the free webcast Adding Value by Mitigating Risk scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 17 at 2 p.m. ET.

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