Monday, May 05, 2008

When I Knew It Was Time To Retire

I had been in the television business since 1979. They were still using film and the new minicams that used tape were so heavy in the back that the cameramen had to pull down in front to keep them on their shoulders. I had tried an arbitration concerning the first minicam news remote. Think about that! Until the late seventies, there were no on-site news reports since all they had were heavy studio cameras. Technology took off and I found myself in the 21st century dealing with new professional and personal media, in my case, the Treo.

One day, I was in the gym and noticed a line of dripping wet, naked men, just emerged from the shower, standing in front of their lockers checking their Treos. They had, of course, just checked them three minutes ago, right before going into the shower. What could have happened in three minutes! I knew it was time to go. Turning in my Treo was better than the day I got out of basic training.

-Michael Schnipper
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